Summary: Check your quota, set a vacation message and set up spam filters on OIT Mailbox Services in one easy to use tool.

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Quota Check

Check your quota to see how much of your Mail Quota you are using. If you are at or near the limits, you should delete old messages or move them to your local computer.

Message Filtering

You can setup filters on incomming mail to file a message to a selected folder.

Spam Filter

We check incoming email to try to determine if it is spam. Use "My Email Options" to set up filter preferences to move them out of your Inbox into a new "SPAM" folder. No automated technique can determine with 100% accuracy if a message is spam. Check your "SPAM" folder regularly for legitimate messages that were incorrectly marked as spam, as well as to delete the actual spam.

Spam Exceptions

Spam Exceptions lets you set up a list of email addresses to be ignored by the "Spam Filter".

Vacation Response

Create an automated reply message when you are away. Remember to turn it off when you get back.

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